Seven Reasons to Choose Rattan Furniture for Your Garden

Seven Reasons to Choose Rattan Furniture for Your Garden

Rattan furniture is the most preferred furnishing option for gardens. They are either built with natural or synthetic Rattan fibers which impart high durability and strength to them. Rattan furniture is the best for outdoor conditions because they are weatherproof, extremely durable, easily maintainable, flexible, strong, customizable, environment friendly and very affordable.

waterproof cushions on bridgman all weather rattan furniture Seven Reasons to Choose Rattan Furniture for Your GardenEveryone loves to relax in their gardens after a tiring day’s work. For that, it is important that your garden is well furnished with the best of furniture. Furniture pieces like garden loungers, ergonomic chairs, and picnic table can provide you the comfort you are expecting. However, being placed in the garden will keep the furniture continuously exposed to harsh sunlight, rainwater and other natural elements. Hence, it is very important that garden furniture is chosen with utmost care. The best option is to opt for rattan furniture which is exclusively built for usage in such extreme conditions. Rattan is a species of palm trees found in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australasia. Rattan fibers are like bamboo but they don’t have an inner hollow. Outlined below are some of the benefits of rattan furniture which will compel you to choose them for your garden:-

1) Weatherproof:-

Rattan furniture is completely weatherproof. It is built with sturdy materials to suit outdoor conditions. The furniture can easily sustain extreme weather conditions without any damage or decay.

2) Extremely durable:-

Rattan fibers are very strong and impart high durability to the garden furniture. When coated with a top grade varnish, the furniture lasts for years.

3) Environment friendly:-

The furniture is environment friendly because they are built with naturally occurring rattan fibers which are biodegradable too. However, this doesn’t stand true in case of the synthetic rattan fibers. Now-a-days, furniture built with synthetic rattan can be found which are prepared from plastic components. Though the artificial rattan furniture retains the beauty of the original products, it is not biodegradable.

4) Affordable:-

Opting for synthetic rattan furniture can be very suitable for your budget. The plastic-built furniture comes at very affordable rates without any compromise in its original look and feel. If you are looking for a tight budgeted garden furnishing option, then rattan furniture is the best that you can have.

5) Customizable:-

Rattan furniture built with synthetic plastic components offer you numerous customization options. The plastic build allows you to opt for different colors, themes and structures for large scale customization of your garden area. You can also find complimentary accessories and decorating stuffs. Rattan can be bent and molded to give any shape and design. Thus, the varieties of the furniture are many.

6) Easy maintenance:-

Both natural and synthetic rattan furniture are very easy to maintain. They can be easily cleaned without any effort. Moreover, they demand only 1-2 maintenance jobs per year. Dirt and dust can be easily wiped off the furniture with just a soft cloth.

7) Flexible and strong:-

Rattan furniture is flexible in nature and extremely strong too. It can easily sustain the extremities of both nature and humans. Thus, rattan furniture is the perfect choice for outdoors.

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