Reusing Old Furniture

Reusing Old Furniture

The entire ambience and atmosphere of the house depends on the furniture arrangement. Old and outdated furniture can be a hindrance to your home’s style.

Old furniture cannot always be discarded due to the cost involved and it can be daunting. However, old pieces of furniture can be reused. They can be put to repurpose and re-imagined. If properly thought and designed they can bring a new lease of life to the existing furniture. There are lots of options available today to reuse the old furniture inexpensively and at the same time creatively.

  • Relocating the old furniture: Your old furniture can be moved to a new or another location and put to use for some other purpose. This has worked wonders in many instances. For instance, old furniture in the drawing room could be shifted to the backyard for storing junks or to children’s room for storing toys and old books.
  • Swapping of outdoor and indoor furniture: The indoor and outdoor furniture can be swapped. Generally, it is a mind block of many people that the outdoor furniture cannot be used inside the house. However sometimes, what looks the furniture gives outside the house may look very trendy inside the house and vice versa.
  • Minor hardware changes: Minor hardware changes like replacing handles and screws can give a new look to the furniture. Different color paints and slight structural modifications can bring a lot of difference in the look and the feel of the furniture. This is very important as it becomes very convenient to use the furniture. You may consider adding one more drawer or changing the door style depending on the size available and convenience.
  • Change of upholstery: If you have a sofa which looks old due to its discolored or worn out covers, consider re-upholstery. This is the best solution if you have a tight budget. Upholstering can make your sofa look very new and different. You may also consider putting different table linens for the dining tables and other tables. All the equipments can also be covered with attractive covers.
  • Given new shapes to old furniture: You can consult your carpenter for giving new shapes to the old furniture based on your requirements. So, with minimum efforts, a new look to the furniture can be achieved.
  • Finishing touches: Simple polishing and pasting the broken parts of furniture can give your furniture a new look and also increase the lifespan of the furniture. A carpenter will be the best person to give advice in this regard.


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