Age Friendly Furniture

Age Friendly Furniture

With time, the furniture which was comfortable before may no longer suit the purpose it did. The body changes and the change requires furniture to match. At such times, getting age friendly furniture is a good idea.

Age friendly furniture is required after a person passes a certain age. The chairs and futons of before may no longer provide the support or comfort they once did. Low chairs and tables may make sitting and getting up difficult and time consuming. There are also chances of injuries taking place with such furniture. While there are some pieces of furniture which may remain as useful as they did before, however, with time, most other pieces need to be changed. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a piece which provides the required level of comfort and security as the previous ones did. However, there are various stores today which are aware of this need and have created a range of furniture which is best suited for such situations. This age friendly furniture is specially designed to provide comfort and support while ensuring the user does not get injured in any manner.

Age friendly furniture is not limited to merely chairs but also includes tables, stools, beds and even lights. There are different types of lights which a person may prefer with time. Too bright lights may not be a good idea, however dim lights are also not wanted as they make it more difficult to see clearly but white lights are better. Floor lamps and cabinet lights are alternate light sources which provide light without too much glare. Other important pieces of furniture are chairs and recliners. A chair which is too low can cause unnecessary pressure to a person’s knees which may make it painful or may cause them to lose balance. Thus recliner chairs and lift chairs are a better option as they give height and are well cushioned without causing any problems. Their height is perfect for standing and sitting without causing undue stress to a person’s back or knees.

Furniture in the living room needs to be comfortable as it is the most commonly used room in the house. Guests, family members and the owners of the house usually sit and relax in the living room itself. With age, the type of furniture in this room must also change. To prevent injuries, sharp edges need to be covered or completely removed. Windows with larger handles make it easier to grip and open. A person could also use furniture lifters which raise the level of furniture which are made of a special material which protects from any injuries.

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